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coconut flour pancakes

Delicious and fluffy coconut flour pancakes

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This fluffy coconut flour pancake is very tasty and dairy free! I have never made anything (successfully) with coconut flour before so I was a bit sceptical about this coconut flour pancakes recipe. Not long ago, I tried to make some muffins with coconut flour, and it didn’t turn out […]

delicious 3 ingredients pancakes
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Simple and delicious 3 ingredients pancakes

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Fluffy 3 ingredients pancakes made with banana, egg and flour, perfect for quick pancake breakfast or brunch I have made a few pancakes recipes recently, most them have 5 ingredients or more. Even though pancakes are quite easy to make, the ingredients can sometimes be hard to come by. For […]

Banana applesauce pancakes
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Healthy banana applesauce pancakes

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Delicious and healthy pancakes made with banana, oats, eggs and applesauce, all mixed in a blender and it’s super tasty! This is not your regular breakfast pancake; this fluffy and healthy banana applesauce pancake is full of flavour and it is gluten free. The applesauce is the selling point of […]

blueberry banana pancake
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Super tasty blueberry banana pancake

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Blueberry pancake made with banana, oatmeal, eggs and blueberries – very fluffy and unbelievably delicious! I have been exploring some pancake recipes, so today I made this super tasty blueberry banana pancake. I like this pancake for so many reasons, there are just five ingredients needed and it is gluten […]

old fashioned butter pancake
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Healthy old fashioned butter pancake

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This old fashioned butter pancake made with all-purpose flour, egg, baking powder and butter mixed in a bowl is a feast for the senses. Butter pancakes are arguably old fashioned and a popular delicacy around Easter holidays. I could still remember my grandma making pancake for us on Easter Sundays […]

Oatmeal banana pancake
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Healthy Quaker oats banana pancake

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This healthy and delicious banana oats pancake is made with Quaker oats, banana, eggs and baking powder! Oats are generally gluten free and are a natural source of fibre. Inspired by Monique of Ambitious Kitchen, I plan to explore as many as possible pancake recipes out there and add my […]