About me

Hello! welcome to my website. I am Oluwaseyi ‘Seyi’ Ilubanwo AKA O’shea. My nick name is O’shea which emanated from my days in secondary school and it has stuck since. Many of my friends only know me as O’shea, hence, why I to use the name on all my pages. If you don’t know by now, I am a Manchester United supported and John O’shea was my favourite player because of his verstility. It was a thing then in my secondary school days for students to have nick names so I decided to go by O’shea 🙂

Aside food blogging, I work in social services and I am passionate about social justice. During the lockdown (COVID-19) I realised I was cooking more so I decided to start experimenting by cooking healthier version of popular recipes. After few weeks of cooking, taking/editing photos, writing new recipes and designing my website, I launched my food blog in August 2020. It brings me great joy to be able to cook healthy meals for my family and share my recipes with you. My recipes range from healthy and nourishing breakfast options, lunch ideas, simple and yummy evening meals and healthy appetizers.

All my recipes can be found here but if you prefer to watch them in video format then check out my YouTube Channel here.

Asides cooking and food photography, I enjoy watching football, both live and on telly; so if you bump in to me at Old Trafford in future, please say hi.

I live in Liverpool, UK with my wife and our beautiful baby. You can follow me on my social media pages; Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest Tiktok (@Daddysnom) Snapchat (@Daddysnom) Youtube Linkedin

I plan to have my own cookbook and App in future in other to further share my recipes with people around the world!